Top 10 Email Apps for Android Devices

Free Email Apps for Android Devices

Are You Searching for the Best Android Email Apps of 2016? If yes then this is the right place to start from. Today Email is the most important means of communication. Even in Office or as Personal view it provide a specified way to be connected and share resources mostly information.

Talking about Email and its uses is just not practical today as we all know that. The Important question is how convenient we can access our Email and what is the best way for it.

Android Email Apps
Best Android Email Apps

If you are using a PC then it obvious that you have an App dedicated to your email provider as Google or Hotmail but the importance is for the mostly used operating System or must say the most handy one with the largest number of users worldwide- Android. Here the main question rises that What is the Best Email App for your Android Devices? If you are thinking of the Same Question then keep reading for your Answer.

Best Android Email Apps

In this Section We have collected the best and Top 10 Email Apps for Android Devices. Try these and must comment about your experience. All the Apps are selected as per per their user review and performance. It is possible that you may like one and not the other, just for improving our collection we would like to here from you about the best pros and cons of these Email Apps. Keep Reading.

Free Email Apps for Android Devices
Free Email Apps for Android Devices

#1. Inbox


This is the best Email App for Android OS, I personally like this due to its simple but interesting features. Most important Inbox is officially from Google so no question about its credibility. The Best part is we don’t have to check again and again about our important mails now. This Apps provides the alert feature that best fits for instant notifications. Also with the highlight feature of this mailing App you need not to open all the mails for knowing the Contents in it. It is safe as today Emails have become the most used cyber scam channels and with this Apps you need to check all your Apps, just select what important and leave the others. Also similar mails as for same sender sometimes are generally Bundled together for Better Convenience by this Android Email App.inbox

You Can Download this App by searching Inbox directly on the Google Play Store or just Click on “Inbox App”.

#2. Cloud Magic Email

There is so much that makes it a special and modern Email App. With the New CloudMagic Email you can Access almost any Mail Client like Google Gmail, Hotmail , outlook and others very efficiently. It is a fast Email App and the UI of Cloud Magic Android App is really beautiful. Also the Transition is smooth with ease of handling Mails Exchange with EWS and other Exchange clients. Among such a large number of features selecting one or two is really tough but what I like the most is you can protect your data by removing the data from your device remotely in case of loosing your Phone or may be in case of theft. Today your data is your Identity and it is very important to protect it on any cost so this App is also best for the Security purpose.


What Others Say About Cloud Magic Email

“The best overall email app” – WSJ

“The best mail client on mobile” – Cult of Mac

“With CloudMagic, you’ll be amazed how much more productive your emailing on the go gets” – TIME

“CloudMagic’s Email Application lets you complete your work right from your Inbox” – TechCrunch

“Beautiful, Fast, Efficient and Universal” – The Verge

Download CloudMagic Email App or search for the Name on Play Store.

#3. Mailbox

It is another Fast and efficient Mail Client by Dropbox and very easy to use and UI is also beautiful yet simple. Here also the transition between folders like Draft, Inbox, Compose, Spam and others is smooth and support better Sync for mail transition. The Best part is the Gesture control, yes you can control this Android App along with its various feature directly with gesture and doing so is really a cool feature for any Android Email App.

For Now this App is not Available in The Google Play Store but you Can Download it from Google Search list.

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#4. K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail is a free Open Source Android Email Client / App that supports Search, Filling, IMAP push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, signatures, bcc-self, PGP, mail on SD and much more like Mail Exchange with POP3 and Exchange 2003/2007 with WebDAV.


Download K-9 Mail from Google Play Store.

#5. Boxer

It is a fast, smooth, beautiful yet very effective Email App for Android. It is known for its Swipe feature. with its swipe feature you can delete, mark, flag or even archive the mail. The UI is very attractive and the transition with Exchange of Mails is most secure and efficient. You will get Full Gmail label Support for your important mails. Also you can swipe to the TO DO List for marking any message as important task or so. Now you can Like your Mails to make the relation as if it is a friendly message or a general one.

Download Boxer Email App Now.

#6. GMail

Gmail is the Official Email App by Google Inc. dedicated to Gmail Users. It provide the basic facility of an Email Client like Marking mails as Spam or save it to Draft or use it for forwarding. You can also link other mail clients with this App like Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo and others. The UI is good and resemble the true feel of using Gmail in your Browser. The most important part is that you can read your mails Offline after loading it with internet. The mail organisation is collective with mails of single sender at one place. Also the Spam mails are handled to protect your Account as well as your device from being hacked or from any potential threat.


Generally this is the Inbuilt Email App in any Android Device but you can Download it from Play Store, its free. Download GMail App.

#7. Microsoft Outlook

Outlook for Android works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Here’s what I love most about Outlook for Android: It has Seamless inbox management with a focused inbox that displays your most important messages first. Also you will have swipe gestures and smart filters supports with MS Outlook App. It Provides Easy access to calendar and files right from your inbox and Features to work on the go, like Word, Excel and PowerPoint integration.


What Others Say About Microsoft Outlook

“Its Outlook app for iOS and Android is the best mobile email app, no matter what phone you’re using. It’s better than Mail, better than Gmail.” – WIRED

Download Microsoft Outlook.

#8. MyMail

myMail supports all popular email services:I includes Google Mail (Gmail, Google Apps for Business and Education), Microsoft (Hotmail, MSN mail, MS Outlook, Office 365 and Live), Yahoo mail (previously, ymail), AOL, GMX,, Apple (iCloud,, and My Mail mobile email (


For More Details and Download Click on: myMail -Free Eamil Application.

#9. We Mail

What Others Say About WeMail

“Intelligently Designed Mobile E-mail” – TechCrunch
“The Week’s Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps” – Gizmodo

“5 Android Apps You Shouldn’t Miss” – Android Authority

“…helpful for keeping your inbox tidy” – CNET

“Best Email App For Android ALL TIME” – Android Critics

It is Simple yet very effective Email App for Android Devices. It is clean and Beautiful App with smooth control and organisation. Security aspect of this App is also good and enough to be listed in top 10 Email Apps for Android Devices.

Download WeMail directly from Google play Store.

#1o. Type App Mail

Last but not the least Type App Mail is another fast and effective Email App for Android Operating System Users. It clean and simple also very useful Email App. To know more All you have to do is just Download Type App from App Store.

Also you can check many other Email Android Apps Like Yahoo Mail, Email Box, Blue Mail, Asus Mail and Much more only on Google Play Store. Just Search and Download it for Free on your Android Smartphones.

  • Important Before Downloading any App please verify its provider and Check it for Malicious Software for protecting your device and Data from Virus Attack. Stay Alert and Be Updated.

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We have Share the Top 10 list of Email Apps for Android Devices, if you are using anyone of these then please share your views with us and help us to improve this Email App list.

This is a general review about Email Apps for Android Devices, hope you have like it. For more Such News, Reviews and  updates on Android Keep reading Cybo Geek.

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